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Staff Members & Board of Directors  
The Pittsburgh Concert Chorale was founded in 1985 by Dr. Clark Bedford and honors his legacy as Music Director Emeritus (deceased).

Artistic Staff

 Dr. Susan Medley, Music Director,

 Bryan Sable, Accompanist

Administrative Staff

Sonya Shumway, Executive Director,

Office Manager,

Julia Maruca, Social Media Manager,

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Dr. Alexandra Gregory, President (2021, Term 1)

Sue Swick, Vice President and Secretary (2021, Term 2)

Ronald Erhart, Treasurer (2021, Term 3)

John Dobson (2022, Term 1)

Timothy Farrell (2022, Term 2)

Mark Grobaker (2023, Term 1)

Emily Haver (2021, Term 1)

John K. Heisey (2021, Term 2)

Jackie Kulfan (2021, Term 2)

Kenneth Limmer (2020, Term 1)

Susan Medley, ex-officio

Mary Polley (2022, Term 1)

Sonya Shumway, ex-officio

Trevor Tuxill (2023, Term 1)

Paul Vladuchick (2022, Term 3)

Thomas Walters (2020, Term 1)

Emeritus Board Members and Staff

Franklin Blackstone
Bruce Cooper
Ronald Large
Dr. Charlie McChesney
Ruth Ann McChesney
Dr. Donald Naragon
Nancy Naragon
Dr. John Olmsted
Barbara Owens
Gerald "Bud" Owens III
Jack Robertson
Lowell Swarts
Dr. David Billings, Emeritus Accompanist

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