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PCC Introduces New Director of Operations

We’re excited to introduce you to the Pittsburgh Concert Chorale’s new Director of Operations, Rachael Vollmer! Rachael will assist our new Executive Director, Sonya Shumway, with planning upcoming seasons and performances. She’ll also help juggle the day-to-day of running PCC, working on the budget and scheduling.

Rachael joined PCC in January of 2020, right before the start of the pandemic. She has a background in music, having studied music education at Clarion University. She taught elementary general music, middle school choir and theater arts in Charlotte, NC for fourteen years before returning to Pittsburgh in 2011.

Rachael was initially interested in PCC because of the broad range of repertoire the choir performs, along with the variety of different singers who participate.

“People ask me, do you sing everything that you do? Yeah, I do, the song is just always there,” Rachael said. “Singing with a choir, I feel like if you’ve never done it, it’s an experience everybody should have.”

Outside of PCC, Rachael works with special education students at North Allegheny School District. Rachael is especially excited for the Festival of Choirs program at Oakland’s Carnegie Music Hall this fall.

“I’m really looking forward to hearing what Susan can do with those high school choirs, and looking forward to singing with them,” Rachael said. “I think that'll be a great thing to be involved in.”

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